PROPS - People Recognizing Other People's Success – is Cougar's employee recognition program.

PROPS recognition may be awarded to Cougar employees that have made an exemplary contribution to the organization in the areas of:

  • Safety Leadership or Innovation
  • Workplace or Occupational Safety
  • Workplace Engagement
  • Operational Excellence
  • Sharing and Learning
  • Technical/Business Process Innovation
  • Proactive Leadership
  • Community Leadership or
  • Above and Beyond

Employees can be nominated by their peers, managers, customers, passengers or other external stakeholders. A review of nominations and announcement of successful recipients takes place monthly with formal presentations taking place on a quarterly basis. Nominations are maintained on file for up to six months.

If you know of a Cougar employee who has performed outstanding achievements or demonstrates exceptional merit in any of the foregoing areas, we want to hear from you!

Contact a PROPS Committee Member to obtain additional information or to nominate an individual.

PROPS Recipients - 2023

Dan Villeneuve

January 2023

PROPS Recipients - 2022

Kyle Bissonnette

January/February 2022

Joanne Butler

March 2022

Matt Temple

April 2022

Sean & Phil

May 2022

Dave Squires

June/July 2022

Barry Scott

August/September 2022

PROPS Recipients - 2021

Brad Lawrence

January/February 2021

Jennie Bartlett

March/April 2021

Nickie Walshe

May/Jun 2021

Michelle & Angela

July/August 2021

Jonathan Walbourne

September/October 2021

Lucas Rogers

November/December 2021

PROPS Recipients - 2020

Donnie MacNeil

January 2020

Rod Smith

February 2020

Deon Chaulk / Trent Ings

March 2020

Trent Brinston

April 2020

Sean Noseworthy

May 2020

Lisa Efford

June 2020

Passenger Movements

July 2020

Maurice Gillingham

August 2020

Jon Hayden

September 2020

Chris Dillon

October 2020

Sherry Pardy

November 2020

Michelle Taylor

December 2020