Flight Information

Monday, May 21, 2018 4:44 AM

12110:30TNFON TIME
15110:45HBNON TIME
13110:50HIBON TIME
18111:50SRF - HGRON TIME
10114:45TBRON TIME
15215:00HBNON TIME
13215:05HIBON TIME
14116:20HGRON TIME
Monday, May 21, 2018 4:44 AM

12107:00TNFON TIME
15107:15HBNON TIME
13107:30HIBON TIME
18107:45SRF - HGRON TIME
10111:15TBRON TIME
15211:30HBNON TIME
13211:45HIBON TIME
14112:35HGRON TIME

Passenger Resources

Flight Information Line


Vessel Facilitation
April 1 – October 15
Vessel Arrival Information | 709.758.4088

All passengers must continue to call the Flight Information Line on a regular basis. In any instance where this website and the Flight Information Line differ, the flight information line should be considered correct.

What We Do

Cougar Helicopters Inc. serves its customers utilizing a fleet of Sikorsky S92 aircraft. The company prides itself on providing safe and efficient operations and maintenance of its aircraft with a team of experienced and highly trained professionals. Cougar Helicopters is a Transport Canada Approved Maintenance Organization (AMO) facility. Its team of maintenance professionals perform comprehensive maintenance services on its fleet of S92 aircraft including structure repairs, component, engine, avionics and airframe line maintenance on a frequently scheduled basis.

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