Operating a helicopter service based in the midst of some of the world's worst flying weather has developed several strengths in Cougar Helicopters. Innovation, safety-consciousness, and flexibility have become the watchwords for our team of highly experienced flight crews and engineers.

These strengths have come into play in supporting Canada's first offshore oil production and pioneering new methods and equipment for marine Search and Rescue. Every new contract is a challenge to do old things new ways - to continually improve every standard and every area of our service.

In each new situation, we have committed ourselves and our resources to providing the highest level of service and cost-efficiency to our customers. It's just our way - a way that has paid off in strong, continual growth.

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Flight Information Line

St. John's: (709) 758-4888

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Halifax: (902) 873-9888

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All passengers MUST continue to call the Flight Information Line on a regular basis. In any instance where this website and the Flight Information Line differ, the flight information line should be considered correct. Cougar WILL NOT be held responsible if a passenger misses a flight due to information contained on the Flight Information Display.

Safety - Our Number One Priority

Cougar Helicopters Inc. is a firm believer that by identifying threats or hazards before they occur, the possibility of harm to individuals is greatly reduced. Out of that belief, we have created an effective corporate safety culture, put in place systematic risk management, and given clear set responsibilities and accountabilities at all levels. Cougar takes pride in going above and beyond for our staff and our passengers.

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Career Opportunities

Cougar Helicopters Inc. is an innovative and growing offshore transportation company that is based in Newfoundland and Labrador. We are an award winning organization that values respect, accountability, integrity, and excellence. By joining our team you will experience diverse and rewarding employment opportunities in an environment that encourages continuous learning and career growth.

Search & Rescue

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