Cougarís Operational Control Centre (OCC) is located at its headquarters at St. Johnís International Airport and operates 24/7. All Cougar commercial, Search and Rescue (SAR) and medevac flights are planned, supported and satellite tracked through the OCC by Transport Canada certified Flight Dispatchers. Marine support vessels under contract to Cougarís offshore oil customers are also GPS tracked and monitored as an additional level of safety.

Situating these resources in one location allows rapid access to all required information. This heightened situational awareness allows the OCC to efficiently provide high quality, accurate and timely information ensuring safe, efficient flight operations. OCC is collocated with the Maintenance Control Center (MCC). This provides the Flight Dispatchers immediate access to a single point of contact when determining aircraft availability and when engineering expertise is required.

On July 02, 2007 Cougar Helicopters became the first rotary wing service provider in North America to utilize a Transport Canada certified Type B Co-authority flight dispatch system. Under Type B Dispatch, responsibility for decision-making is equally shared by the Flight Dispatcher and the Pilot-in-command. This creates an additional level of safety for all Cougar flight operations and its customers. Once airborne every flight is continuously monitored and pilots are provided real-time operational and environmental updates through the OCC Flight Following system.

On completion of each flight the dispatcher and flight crew participate in a debrief, discussing the operational trip details. This is part of Cougarís overall Quality Assurance program to ensure safety and accuracy of the flight planning process.
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