Rescue Hoist:
The Rescue Hoist has obvious advantages in conducting SAR operations. Successful, safe hoisting is the product of practice and teamwork. Cougar utilizes the Goodrich Rescue Hoist. They are variable speed, have between 150' and 295' of usable cable and carry a maximum safe working load of 600 lbs.
Rescue Sling:
The Rescue Sling is the basic hoisting tool used on survivors requiring immediate extrication. A survivor can be hoisted independently or by the preferred method; a "double up" with the Rescue Man. Direct hoisting of the survivor avoids the risk of placing the Rescueman in harms way.
Rescue Basket:
The rescue basket provides a means of hoisting a partially incapacitated survivor from the water. It can also be used for the rapid evacuation of a vessel if the right conditions exist.
The Guideline:
The Guideline is a specially coiled " dynamic rope. It is used to aid in the delivery or recovery of various rescue aids such as the Stokes Litter, Marine Salvage Pump or Rescue Basket. It is controlled by the Rescueman on the ground or ship and it helps prevent swinging or spinning of the item be hoisted. It is also very useful in aiding the Hoist Operator guide the hook to a specific or difficult hoist site such as the bow of a small fishing vessel.
Stokes Litter:
The Stokes Litter is a rigid frame protective stretcher. It is the best vehicle for hoisting a casualty who requires the use of a stretcher evacuation. It is best used with a guideline attached.
Marine Salvage Pumps:
In the event that a vessel requires the means to pump out water to remain afloat or to fight a fire onboard, these pumps can be transferred via the rescue hoist to a vessel in distress. They are totally self contained in a sealed metal drum and come complete with instructions, fuel, priming bucket, induction line, fire hose and nozzle. The pumps have a pumping capacity of 250 gallons per minute.
Survival Kit Air Droppable (SKAD):
In a case where there are multiple persons in the water or rescue may be delayed, the helicopter can drop a SKAD to enhance the survival situation. The kit consists of a ten man life raft, 250ft of floating polypropylene connecting rope and a floating survival bundle. The SKAD is dropped at a 45 degree angle and up wind of the survivors. The raft inflates automatically and the wind carries the inflated raft along with the rope and the survival bundle towards the survivors. The survivors then grab the rope and pull themselves toward the raft. When all are inside the raft the bundle, (which contains various survival supplies) is then pulled toward and into the raft.
Night Sun Search Light:
The Night Sun is a 30 million candle power high intensity searchlight. It is usually controlled by the hoist operator and can move in two axis in just about any direction. The night sun greatly enhances search efforts at night.
Night Vision Goggles (NVG):
NVG's provide SAR crews with the ability to "see" at night. They are electro-optical devices that amplify existing light. NVG's capture ambient light from such sources as stars, the moon, moon glow or artificially created light and amplify it thousands of times. This in turn greatly enhances any search effort or night hoist mission by allowing the crew to "see in the dark".
Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR):
FLIR describes a camera that takes pictures using the infrared portion of the electromagnetic spectrum. FLIR's use the detection of thermal energy to create a picture (still or video). It aids a pilot to fly at night or poor visibility, it also aids the SAR crew in detecting "warm objects" against a cold background.
Medical Kits:
Depending on location, Cougar Rescue Specialists utilize a wide range of Advanced Pre-Hospital Medical Kits including Advanced Airway Management, Electrical Therapy and Monitoring, Oxygen Therapy, IV Therapy, Medications, Vital Signs Monitoring along with a large variety of splinting and immobilizing devices.
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