Offshore Transportation

Passenger movements is what we do; everything else supports it.

Everything we can do for our clients is spelled out in our contracts - from the amount of flight slots available, to the amount of passengers we move, to the cargo we can take. It also includes any other value added services we provide such as, security, traffic control, dispatching, flight following, etc. Every department here at Cougar has a role to play in helping fulfill those contract requirements.

Our clients are the core of our operation. Hibernia Management Development Corporation (HMDC), Suncor, Husky Energy and Encana make up Cougar's existing clientele. With our current aircraft fleet we have the capacity to handle at least one other rig.

The next good news story for St. John's is Hebron. They would be coming into the offshore oil world as a fourth operator for Cougar with possibly two rigs - one for drilling and one for production. When this operation commences, it will require Cougar to acquire a fourth aircraft.
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