Offshore installations travel the globe, and safety regulations vary from country to country. As part of Cougar's commitment to safety, we conduct a thorough examination of all contracted helidecks before beginning fl ight service. Some of the most stringent helideck regulations worldwide are the British CAP 437 (5th Edition) regulations. Cougar uses these regulations, in conjunction with the Coast Guard TP4414 regulations, as a reference for offshore helideck surveys.

Helideck Surveyors

Cougar has a helideck survey team comprised of four Cougar captains, each of whom has completed a Helideck Awareness Inspection training course in Aberdeen, Scotland or in New Orleans, Louisiana. This course is recognized by all major oil exploration companies operating in offshore fields, globally. Cougar has completed helideck surveys in each of our operations worldwide, from the East Coast of Canada, to Louisiana, Alaska, Africa, and Australia.
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