Flight Dispatch currently uses a custom flight planning system built by one of Cougar's pilots. However, we are moving towards an automated flight planning system called Cyber Trac One from a company in Calgary called Skyplan. With respect to following the aircraft, dispatch uses two separate aircraft situational display systems. One is called Flight Explorer, which enables dispatchers to see all aircraft on Air Traffic Control's radar screens and Blue Sky Network's Skyrouter system, which is a system that communicates with our aircrafts satellite communications system.

Google Earth is a must in this operation where we are often tasked to fly to unprepared landing sites. This tool gives us an easy method to assess remote areas prior to dispatching a flight. Our in-house FIDS (Flight Information Display System) keeps passengers up to date on current arrival and departure information, both in our Heliport and via our corporate website. FOIMS (Flight Operations Information Management System) is for all the flight reports.
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