Role of Dispatch

Flight Dispatch ensures that all Cougar flights are planned and operated in a safe, comfortable and efficient manner. We ensure no rules get broken, our passengers get transported in a comfortable manner, and the flight gets operated as efficiently as possible. Flight Dispatch is communications central for Cougar Helicopters. When outside agencies, private citizens and our sister companies need to speak to someone regarding flight operations, the call comes through to dispatch in the Operational Control Centre.

All aircraft operated by Cougar Helicopters Inc. are "dispatched" in accordance with Canadian Air Service Standard (CASS) 725. In addition to 'dispatching" our own helicopters, we flight follow helicopters belonging to our sister companies, VIH Cougar based in Galliano Louisiana and VIH Helicopters based in British Columbia. We have no direct responsibility for flights operated by VIH or VIH Cougar, however, we are there to provide a level of safety to them in order to make sure the aircraft is where it is when it is supposed to be there.
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