Leading the way for rotary wing operators, Cougar is the first such company in North America to employ a Transport Canada certified Type B Co-Authority Flight Dispatch System. Since July 2, 2007 Cougar Helicopters has been operating the co-authority system where the flight dispatcher and the pilot in command share responsibility for the decision making. This system is similar to those used by major airlines worldwide. A voluntary move for Cougar, the implementation of this system was to add another level of safety for our customers. It also enhances our operation by supporting the pilots in their decision making by having someone on the ground that is knowledgeable and trained to assist them. Efficiencies are another benefit to this system. We now have consistent flight planning practices in place that adhere to company policies and we were able to reduce pilot duty time by eliminating most of their pre-flight duties.

Cougar is a multifaceted company. We have various types of flights that include passenger, cargo, training, and ferry flights. We also fly search and rescue (SAR) missions and medevac missions for our customers, as well as various government agencies. The Flight Dispatch division works with the pilots and monitors all these types of flights on a 24/7 basis.
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