Above the Competition

Since 2000, Cougar Helicopters has been safely and efficiently conducting precision flare tip replacements for global offshore locations. Cougar works in partnership with Norway's Vertech Offshore AS - the only company globally certified for helicopter conducted flare tip change-outs. This highly productive partnership has successfully completed flare tip change-outs for clients such as Exxon Mobil, Petro Canada, Husky Energy, Shell, Suncor and Anadarko.


Cougar Helicopters works with our clients prior to a flare tip change, to prepare a detailed operations plan. Every aspect of the work is described in detail and presented to the customer for review and approval. The custom manual will itemize customer/operator responsibilities, supplementary support, onsite safety issues, and operational timelines. Communication between Cougar and the customer is vital in ensuring that work proceeds in a safe and efficient manner.


Cougar Helicopters is able to provide flare tip service using both the Sikorsky S-61 and the Sikorsky S-92 helicopters.

Cougar utilizes the S-61 with great success due to the improved performance created by Carson blades. Cougar was the first company in Canada to pioneer the use of these innovative composite rotor blades. Carson blades give the S-61 an additional lift capacity of approximately 2000lbs, an additional 15kts higher airspeed in cruise flight, and 15% greater range than the original OEM main rotor blades. Increased aircraft performance, and increased aircraft safety.

Cougar Helicopters is the first company to utilize the S-92 in offshore flare tip change outs. Through state of the art engineering such as the recently integrated vertical reference ('bubble') window, Cougar has tailored our aircraft to meet the challenges of flare tip replacement.


Cougar employs Vertech Offshore's method for flare tip replacement. The use of experienced crew, vertical reference flying, and the right tools for the job makes this method the safest and most cost effective way of flare tip replacement.

Flare tip replacement via helicopter can be conducted in as little as 48 hours. Fundamental steps include initial flare tip preparation by Vertech staff, followed by the removal and replacement of flare tips using guide wires and custom guide systems. Throughout the entire process, clear, concise and reliable communications are essential for safety and efficiency.

Meeting Your Needs

The solid partnership between Canada's Cougar Helicopters and Norway's Vertech Offshore AS has been founded on innovation, training, and expertise. Through teamwork, this partnership has demonstrated that the challenging task of flare tip replacement can be accomplished in the most demanding of environments, in a safe and timely manner. We ensure the safety of personnel and assets, while assisting in the completion of critical maintenance - allowing our clients to return to production with a minimum of downtime.

Cougar's commitment to safety & service - working for you.
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