Core Commitment

The Cougar Helicopters Inc. Safety Management System is the foundation from which all Cougar employees subscribe as they maintain excellence of aviation service delivery.

Our Core Commitments to our employees and customers are:

  • To achieve Zero Accidents,
  • To reduce our exposure, lower the potential which otherwise leads to reportable Incidents,
  • To achieve Zero preventable injuries,
  • Continuously cultivating a positive Safety "Culture" within the Company,
  • Incorporate Safety as a fixed agenda item at all management meetings,
  • Prepare an annual Safety Case applicable to general and base specific operations,
  • Conduct regular Management and Safety & Quality visits/inspections across Cougar operations,
  • Continuous coaching for all employees around safety relating to work, rules and regulations,
  • Inspire and encourage everyone to use the SRS and SHOP reporting systems,
  • Evaluate using direct employee engagement and surveys - the knowledge, the awareness and the “buy-in” of SMS and HSE programs at all levels,
  • Coordinate with operational bases to ensure a common level of SMS, HSE and Operational Standards, and
  • Establish, publish and refresh annual key performance indicators (KPI) to measure our progress.

Our corporate mission is:

“In support of current ventures, and while continuously seeking new business opportunities, Cougar Helicopters Inc. adheres to the highest principles for safety and efficiency, exceeding industry standards & expectations for the safe transportation of passengers and the conduct of Search & Rescue operations."

In alignment with the above Mission Statement, Cougar Helicopters' integrated safety and quality management program shall conform to ISO ideals, international regulatory requirements and industry best practices for SMS. Quality objectives shall be set, reviewed and measured to ensure that our systems are effectively meeting these corporate purposes in compliance with all applicable legislation.

     Ken Norie
     CEO & President
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