Aviation Safety

The ICAO Air Navigation Commission defines aviation safety as the state of freedom from unacceptable risk of injury to persons or damage to aircraft and property.

Key to maintaining an effective aviation safety program is the provision of suitable facilities, tools, support equipment and the very best in personal protective equipment (PPE) whereby enabling all staff involved with the execution of Cougar business to do so in a safe, efficient and effective manner. In all facets of aviation operations Cougar Helicopters strives to:
  • exceed industry aviation standards (Transport Canada/FAA);
  • exceeding industry standards (OHSA /Canada Labour Code);
  • communicate and share helicopter industry best practices;
  • research new and innovative safety equipment;
  • assisting manufactures with trials and competency standards;
  • provide timely training for employees; and
  • participate in safety workshops, seminars and conventions.
Cougar maintains a strict auditing, monitoring and management review system to proactively manage safety on a daily basis. We also have an online reporting system that enables us to track events and monitor trends in order to mitigate and eliminate hazards.

As a good corporate citizen and active member of HeliOffshore, Cougar deems it important to work with others in the industry promoting aviation safety worldwide.
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