Cougar Helicopters Inc. is a firm believer that by identifying threats or hazards before they occur, the possibility of harm to individuals and materiel is greatly reduced. Out of that belief, we have created an effective corporate safety culture, implemented systematic risk management processes, and communicated clear responsibilities and accountabilities at all levels. Cougar takes pride in going above and beyond for our staff and our customers.

According to Willis Jacobs, Safety & Quality Manager, who oversees all aspects of safety within Cougar, "In support of the company Mission Statement we have one goal - eliminate hazards that can cause an accident or incident. It has nothing to do with beating the statistics of the industry; it's all about care and concern for those we employ and transport." Cougar is constantly finding new ways to promote safety in the workplace and contribute to safety improvements for the industry in general.

Cougar has developed and implemented a Safety Management System (SMS) which exceeds Canadian aviation regulatory requirements and global SMS standards. The CHI SMS is documented in the company SMS Compliance and Procedures Manual. The SMS Manual is adapted from CHI experience, various existing industry best practices and aviation SMS standards to provide a roadmap and a referenceable document to support a safe and efficient work environment.

Cougar's Safety Management System is comprised of the following:
  • Aviation Safety
  • Health Safety and Environment Management
  • Company Auditing Program
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