Prior to Departure

Passengers may check the recorded flight information line, (709) 758-4888, on the evening prior to flight departure. It is updated each evening for the following day, and is updated when new check-in information becomes available. Where possible, the day before your scheduled visit, you should confirm your flight departure booking with your employer or the logistics coordinator for the installation you will be visiting.

Important notes for check-in:
  • Check-in for offshore flights commence 1 hour and 10 minutes prior to the scheduled flight departure.
  • Passengers must bring one piece of photo ID. Some passengers may be required to present a passport; please verify with your employer or logistics for the installation you will be visiting.
  • Offshore baggage allowance is 1 piece of luggage, not exceeding 10kgs (22lbs).
  • Passengers traveling for the first time who are carrying personal protective equipment (PPE) should pack this in a separate duffel bag which will be shipped as flight payload permits.
  • All luggage should be packed in a soft-sided duffel bag. Passengers carrying hard sided suitcases, knapsacks with multiple pockets, or hockey bags should be advised that these bags are difficult to effectively security search, and load in the cargo compartment of the aircraft. As such, these types of bags may not be accepted for travel.
  • Carry-on baggage is not permitted on board the aircraft.
  • Passengers should be prepared to declare any medications and any dangerous goods at time of check-in.
  • Non-prescription medications, such as vitamins, etc., must be declared at check-in and will be placed in the medical bag.
  • Many installations on the East Coast that are operating in conditions which may expose personnel to H2S gas, have policies prohibiting facial hair. Please be aware that personnel checking in who have beards, long mustaches, long sideburns or facial hair of more than 24 hours growth, may be requested to shave before being permitted to board the flight.
  • Passengers who appear to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be permitted to board the aircraft. Policies outlined by individual operators will be followed in these instances.
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