Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM)

The ability to look back upon our daily performance with a critical eye allows us to identify our strengths, as well as areas for improvement. It is an invaluable resource to assist in pilot recurrent training, and to provide our HFDM experts a visual reference of aircraft performance in all stages of flight.

S-92 Multi Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR)

The Sikorsky S-92 is equipped with a Multi Purpose Flight Recorder (MPFR), which collects data from all aircraft instruments onboard. This information is downloaded on a daily basis by Cougar Avionics, and is then processed in FlightScape software. Standard Operation Procedures, or SOP filters have been configured in FlightScape and are run on all flight data. Any SOP exceedences or procedural deviations are identified and investigated for all phases of flight. Data from the MPFR can be translated into 2-D profiles or 3-D animation to recreate a virtual version of each flight. This information is invaluable to assist in training pilots with focused individual training curriculums. Cougar employs a full time HFDM data analyst to gather, process, and disseminate this information.

HFDM | Sample 3-D Animation

S-61 Appareo ALERTS

Cougar Helicopters has equipped our S-61 aircraft with the Appareo ALERTS Flight Data Recorder System. This recorder collects flight data from aircraft instruments and records it to an SD data card. After each flight, this information is downloaded to a RDK (remote data kiosk). The data is then uploaded via the Internet and sent to the Appareo processing center in Fargo, North Dakota. The data is accessed and transferred to Cougar's HFDM department, allowing our HFDM technicians to evaluate flight data from our S-61 aircraft anywhere in the world. This information can then be used to assist in training pilots with focused individual training curriculums for the S-61.

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