Above and Beyond

The flight operations department oversees various aspects of Cougar's operations. These include elements already mentioned on the website such as search and rescue, dispatch, and helicopter flight data monitoring as well as the actual flights themselves.

Cougar's pilots, rescue specialists and flight dispatchers undergo in depth and frequent training, and in most cases, surpass industry or regulatory requirements.

When it comes to making decisions about our aircraft, Cougar relies heavily on its flight operations department. Our director of flight operations, chief pilot and chief dispatcher stay on top of current aviation trends and information. They are constantly proactive in finding new and better ways to operate.

For special jobs, flight operations is also crucial to the process. When a job arises, Cougar examines what the job requires, evaluates our skill set and determines if we need to train or if are we are already equipped. We have special contract pilots to utilize and flight operations will match the pilots to the right job. With the right lead time, Cougar can do almost anything.
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