All new hires to the maintenance department undergo initial training for a period of four days in a classroom setting learning the basics in maintenance control, policies, MEL, and maintenance documentation. New hires are then required to complete the remainder of their individual training with an assigned sponsor before assuming duties with minimal supervision.

Annual recurrent training is also provided to all maintenance employees in the subject areas of industry standards, aircraft type specific systems, First Aid, WHMIS, transportation of dangerous goods, as well as other courses that enhance safety and professional development.

Cougar has also developed the expertise to build and implement an in-house AME training program to ensure our maintenance staff are current with the latest regulations, aircraft systems and Human Factors concepts. We write our own syllabuses on recurrent maintenance training for our aircraft. We can also conduct remote training utilizing our video conferencing technology. The maintenance training department, supported by the IT department, has developed a unique one-of-a-kind personnel training database that tracks all historical and future training requirements for the entire maintenance staff.

Our technical records staff receive training specific to their area and on the software databases we are using. Technical records staff record and update all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance as well as tracking and forecasting inspections and component replacement intervals.

Stores staff also receive training tailored to meet the requirements of receiving and certification of aircraft parts and appliances.
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