Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS)

Aircraft health is a term that speaks volumes. Ensuring that each aircraft is operating at optimum performance before every flight is a part of Cougar's dedication to safety. For the Sikorsky S-92, HUMS provides invaluable flight data to assist in the transition from time-based maintenance to condition-based maintenance. HUMS uses specialized software designed to identify trends or anomalies in key aircraft systems, allowing them to be assessed and corrected. Cougar has a dedicated aircraft maintenance engineer appointed to the monitoring and management of our HUMS data.

HUMS is a standard feature of the S-92 aircraft used by Cougar Helicopters. Numerous sensors located on all primary mechanical and airframe parts relay precise information about the performance of these parts to the flight data retrieval unit. In flight, pilots can view and monitor this data via the multi-function display (MFD), and make informed decisions. After each flight all HUMS flight data is downloaded to a ground station. Anomalies in aircraft performance are detected and reported to Maintenance instantly, allowing immediate responses to potential issues. Providing our maintenance department an in-depth view of the health of each aircraft before and after each flight ensures that our fleet of aircraft is always ready for service.

HUMS Sensors & Locations

HUMS performs and assists in the following functions:
  • Built-in tests
  • Mechanical Diagnostics
  • Usage Monitoring
  • Exceedance / Event Monitoring
  • Engine Vibration monitoring
  • Rotor Track and balance
Globally, HUMS data is gathered every day, from virtually all S-92 operators worldwide and is forwarded to Sikorsky's 24/7 Fleet Management Operations Center (FMOC) for additional oversight and monitoring.

Vibration eXPert (VXP)

The Sikorsky S-61, a safe, proven, and comfortable aircraft, has been used by Cougar since our beginnings in offshore service. Over time we have modified our S-61 fleet, tailoring them to our specifications and to the needs of our clients. One such modification is the addition of VXP, or Vibration eXPert system. This optional installment allows us to monitor vibration in the main airframe and major component parts such as the main rotor, tail rotor, drive train, and transmission. Vibration information is received from Vibration Acquisition Data Units located throughout the aircraft, and is analyzed on a per-flight basis by Cougar Maintenance. Our VXP representative reviews and tabulates all VXP data daily. Aberrant vibrations can be adjusted as required based on the data received from VXP, allowing us to continue to provide safe, comfortable, reliable service with the Sikorsky S-61.
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