Although our avionics personnel are considered aircraft maintenance engineers (AMEs), they specialize in wires, gauges, indicators and software troubleshooting and maintenance. Our avionics AMEs hold special certifications that enable them to do all Cougar's own installations, modifications and repairs on our fleet of helicopters.

The main responsibility of the avionics department is to respond and act on information coming from the production manager and/or the director of maintenance. The staff complete repairs, modifications, inspections and component replacements to all company aircraft. They plan for modifications and liaison with our partners on designs and installations, as well as liaison between all the different AMEs within Cougar itself.

There are 22 employees in the avionics department, including the manager. The roles are avionics manager, avionics AMEs and avionics AME apprentices.


Whatever we need to do to get the job done safely is what we do. Our manuals contain all the most up-to-date information and they are the guidelines we use to make repairs. Cougar also has a non-punitive safety reporting system in place which allows any employee who deems something unsafe within the entire organization to make a report. That information will make its way through all the appropriate individuals to ensure the concern gets addressed.


Initial training is for two to three days which is comprised of hangar and aircraft familiarization combined with general operating procedures and the Cougar paperwork skill set. This is then followed with a hands-on mentorship program. All AME apprentices fill out a Transport Canada log book for what tasks they have completed, to which a licensed AME must co-sign stating that the apprentice completed the task the proper way and can perform the task themselves. Once all appropriate tasks are completed in the log book, it is then submitted to Transport Canada for their licensing approval. After they complete the series of Transport Canada tests and are officially licensed, Cougar provides specific courses pertaining to the work done on our aircraft.
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