Cougar Helicopters Inc. has moved aircraft and people all over the world. From delivery to operation, Cougar has been able to modify the Sikorsky S92 aircraft. We have experience with various install kits, including those supplied by our sister company, VIH Aerospace.

In 2006, we also reorganized our stores and technical records departments to give us more control over our aircraft records and to move our inventory more efficiently. To help our AMEs operate more efficiently, we also added new tools, workbenches, computers and storage bins accessible at the aircraft.

Safety is a key priority at Cougar and the aircraft maintenance department takes that very seriously. We have high visibility clothing, mandatory eye wear, ear defenders, gloves, clothing specific to the working environment and overall high work standards. Hand in hand with wearing the right protective gear is using the right tools. At Cougar we use only the right equipment to do the job. If our staff need a tool for the job - they get the tool. By ensuring the right tools for the job, we not only ensure the safety of our personnel but also of our aircraft.


Our main responsibility is to ensure the serviceability and airworthiness of all aircraft under Cougar's control from a mechanical, electrical, supply and administration perspective.

The administration part of the department takes in technical records, supply, budgeting and training. At Cougar, we do most of our maintenance training internally.

The maintenance department houses the greatest number of employees in the company. We currently have 45 employees that have various positions and responsibilities.
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