Sikorsky S-61

Primary use is the transport of personnel to and from offshore installations. Secondary uses include: Utility Cargo Transport, External lift, Search and Rescue, and Executive transport.

Aircraft Seating (with Auxilliary Fuel Tank)
Offshore Configuration 15 (17 w / Pilots)
Empty Weight / Offshore Aircraft
Pounds 13,200
Kilograms 6,000
Maximum Gross Weight
Pounds 20,500
Kilograms 9,300
Fuel Capacity
Gallons (with Auxilliary Fuel Tanks) 654 (US)
Litres (with Auxilliary Fuel Tanks) 2,475
Range Maximum Fuel
Nautical Miles 600
Kilometres 1,111
Knots (Typical Cruise) 122
Kilometres per Hour (Typical Cruise) 233
Main Landing Gear
Static Contact Pressure Per Tire 85 psi
Tail Landing Gear
Static Contact Pressure Per Tire 75 psi
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